Basic Rights – All about versatile menswear

I’m kind of lazy, it’s true. I’m always looking for versatile, multipurpose stuff which i can combine every pieces with the other nicely and effortlessly!

Have you ever try to find a missing link between a t-shirt and a shirt? Yeah, it’s hard to find right?

Thanks God, someone did have duo’s idea to start a label of affordable and elevated classics took off. Called Basic Rights, the line launched earlier this year with an edited lineup of tops and bottoms that could seamlessly integrate into any guy’s wardrobe.


Basic Rights borrows a lot of imagery from the leading men of the Golden Age of Hollywood, transplanting that timeless feel into current-day fashion. You can say they got classic inspiration but modern designs.

And to supply timeless stuff, your quality should be the most important thing: Basic Rights doing initial design in New York, working on patterns and fit in London and all fabric is hand picked from Japan and sewn at a little mom and pop shop in Thailand where the quality can be watched and made perfect.

You can find everything you need to build a basic wardrobe with Basic Rights, neutral color in black, white, navy

Basic Rights Tunic – combination between a shirt and a t-shirt, comfortable but not too baggy
The Curve Placket is like a subtle detail that fullfill your look!



A classic silhouette from the pants with side-adjust

The label has prices ranging from $45 for a T-shirt to $200 for a jacket, and the offering only keeps to pieces that could and should be the foundation for a modern man’s wardrobe. Basic Rights is expanding its current core collection, adding popover shirts and its signature styles in new colors (black denim, tan pants, a white denim jacket are all especially easy on the eye). Remember, their size system is 0 1 2 3 4 relate to XS S M L XL from normal.

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